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Protect Your Rights under Fair Debt Collection Laws

If you are struggling with debt and facing harassment from creditors and debt collectors, know that you have rights. Inability to pay debt is not a reason to be mistreated. The consumer protection lawyers at STERNTHOMASSON LLP can help you understand the limits of fair debt collection and what you can do when creditors and debt collectors cross the line. With over decades of combined experience, our team knows how to make effective use of the law to protect your rights as a consumer. Call today and schedule your consultation to discuss your unique situation.

Our Focus: Fair Debt Collection

Someone in financial distress is entitled to the same respect and decency as anyone else—particularly by the people trying to collect the debts. To combat an intolerable level of debt collector misconduct, Congress enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to impose a fair and ethical standard of behavior; many state legislatures have similar consumer protection statutes. Congress included special benefits to consumers for bringing claims against debt collectors engaged in unlawful conduct.

STERN•THOMASSON LLPhandles cases including:

  • Collection abuse: We have helped file both individual claims and class action suits against debt collectors in violation of the FDCPA.
  • Collection defense: Our firm is also experienced in defending consumers who have been sued to collect a debt.
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act

If you think you may have a potential claim, make sure you keep track of all relevant documents, voicemails, and phone conversations if possible. These are often crucial in helping you build your case and enforce your rights.

You Have Rights & Legal Recourse

STERNTHOMASSON LLP is here to help consumers enforce their right to fair debt collection practices. In our experience, most people do not realize when a creditor or collector has deceived them and they do not realize they have legal rights and protections. We also know that no two situations are the same, so there is no cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all solution. There is no charge for us to review your situation, so we invite you to call us or contact us online today.

Why Choose Stern•Thomasson LLP

  • Decades of Combined Legal Experience

  • Client-Oriented, Results Driven Representation

  • Well Respected in the Legal Community

  • Personable, Thorough and Easily Accessible

Have you been contacted by a debt collector? Are you in need of reliable information and sound advice? Are you confused as to where to even start?

At Stern•Thomasson LLP, we are here to help consumers enforce their right to fair debt collection practices by being a resource for useful materials and providing our legal expertise to you to protect your rights, helping you to navigate through the rough water that is your current financial situation.

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